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    What's your favorite workout song or playlist?

    My Music list was always a mishmosh of metal, punk, hard rock, and Dark synth. No way to post a list. But my go to PR songs were: Love - Strapping Young Lad The blister exists - Slipknot BFG Division - Doom (Mick Gordon) Other favorites just to have going during sets Star Eater - Daniel...
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    Post your Rig!

    Can't have a PC gaming forum without a rig thread right? OS and Specs Win 8.1 4790K OC'd to 4.8ghz 8Gigs of DDR3 Avexir Blitz 1.1 GTX970 Gigabyte G1 gaming 1TB in Raid 1, WD Green 250 gig Samsung 840 Evo All on a Gigabyte Z97X motherboard Watercooled with Coolermaster Nepton 240M Case is also...
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    Great job on the forum Bryce! Hello! The name is William, Hazenmire is a play on my last name. Feel free to call me either! I'm an Engineer by day. New father by night (it's a boy, 5 months old as of July 27, his name is Joey). Ex-lifter, ex-athlete until further notice due to a long list of...